This program is now available at The Early Enrichment Foundation (LEF)

In 2013, I decided to help people earn a new bike by making them work for it. The concept is simple; help fix 3 bikes; the 4th is yours! My first Earn-a-bike assistant was a Japanese student who was sent by his university to network and learn english within 10 months. He not only repaired 3 bikes; he fixed 6 bikes plus his own! When he was to leave home to Japan, he sadly brought back his bicycle to be recycled again. My wife and I looked at each other; grabbed some boxed we had lying around, and packed his bike as small as we can make it. The next day we took him to the airport; both are doing well.


The Earn-a-bike Program is no longer a part of Friends of 2Wheels; there’s too much work for me to do at the Studio. Luckily, my charitable parter (LEF) adopted the idea and have alga-mated with their BAM program (see LEF :: charitable partner). Great ideas deserve support!!



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