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2014, we collected and gave 79 restored bicycles to families throughout Toronto.

We recycle used bikes, repair used bicycles, refurbish donated bicycles and upcycle new rides out of run-down bikes!! We’re a volunteer-run (not-for-profit) sustainable bicycle recycling program based in Toronto that supports the community, helps the environment and the livelihood of individuals with inexpensive refurbished bicycles — We take used bicycles either donated to us or we’ll rummage through thrift stores, garages, or find them abandoned in rivers, or leaning against the weekly trash and we build new ones, using about 70 per cent recycled parts. Sales of our bikes cover the cost of new bike parts, equipment and tools needed to fix other bicycles. We gladly accept donations of bicycles, bike parts in good condition, bells and locks for our recycled bicycles.

Bicycle Rentals for Film and Photo Shoots: visit Bicycle Rentals

Bicycles for Sale

BiCycle Sales :: Free Spirit – 3 wheeler
| |

recycled.bicycles—bicycle.recycling // as is condition // Free Spirit – 3 speed, 3 wheel tricycle for adults (has some rust form being stored outside, needs tires – needs tlc) | Classic Blue | 24″ frame |... Read More

BiCycle Rentals :: 1970 Fastback Mack 2
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recycled.bicycles—bicycle.recycling // 1970 Fastback Mach 2 (5 speed) – super rare muscle bike | Orange | 22″ frame | 20″ rear, 16″ front tires. This bike is my next project and should be available for... Read More