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“A bicycle can make all the difference in a persons life”


photo_by MeHi :: BRAZIL | Two men riding bicycles.


  Upcycled Bikes (rideable art) for Sale | We have no bicycles at the moment.

  Rent-a-Bike (…for Film Prop / TV Prop / Photo Shoots / Advertising / etc.)

RENT-A-BIKE | 1969 Eaton's Fastback 100

bike_id :: fastback100
rent :: $100 per day (24hrs)
deposit :: $500

RECYCLED BICYCLES: vintage 1970 custom made titanium olympic track bike

RENT-A-BIKE | 1970 Titanium Olympic Track Bike

bike_id :: olympic113
rent :: $100 per day (24hrs)
deposit :: $500

RENT-A-BIKE | 1970 Titanium Olympic Track Bike

Thanks for Stopping by Friends of 2Wheels — Toronto.

Recycled Bicycles/Toronto Bicycle Recycling, Patient Zero Chopper Giveaway
Earn-a-Bike (beta) Program: Japanese English Student Kazuma earning his bike.

RECYCLED BICYCES | UPCYCLED BIKES :: Vintage bicycle seats by MeHi

Transforming Bikes. Transforming Lives.

RECYCLED BICYCLES • BICYCLE RECYCLING • UPCYCLED BIKES We recycle used bikes, repair used bicycles, refurbish donated bicycles and upcycle new rides out of run-down bikes!! We're a volunteer-run (not-for-profit) sustainable bicycle recycling program based in Toronto that supports the community, helps the environment and the livelihood of individuals with inexpensive refurbished bicycles — We take used bicycles either donated to us or we'll rummage through thrift stores, garages, or find them abandoned in rivers, or leaning against the weekly trash and we build new ones, using about 70 per cent recycled parts. Sales of our bikes cover the cost of new bike parts, equipment and tools needed to fix other bicycles. We gladly accept donations of bicycles, bike parts in good condition, bells and locks for our recycled bicycles.

Donation Pickup Schedule

We are no longer Picking up Bicycles. With limitied resourses (no vehicle) and manpower we have decided to stop our Pickup Runs for the greater area of Toronto.

For volume (4+) bicycle pick-up. Please contact Darren Duke at The Learning Enrichment Foundation for volume bicycle pick-up in the GTA.

We accept donations of bicycles any time during our open hours. Those who wish to donate a bike can bring it to STUDIO 2, if no one is there? please park the bike in front of the black gate next to the house with the red mailbox, include your name and contact information on a piece of paper. We're also looking for bicycle parts, old and new in working condition that can be used to rebuild new bikes. Thank You!!

    Next Pickup Date :: » C L O S E D


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